Candidate for Detroit Mayor, Benny Napoleon to Introduce Crime Platform

In response to the rash of horrendous violence and criminal behavior across the city of Detroit, candidate for mayor, Benny Napoleon will announce his crime reduction platform September 10. Napoleon’ campaign emailed supporters today:

We have been forced to accept crime in Detroit as a way of life. Instead of dealing with the crime, we have changed our behaviors to accommodate it

Crime has officially become the new normal. The new normal has us pulling up to our house, praying no one broke in while we were away. The new normal is what has made us not even expect the police to show up when you call them for a break-in. Even though you are afraid to go inside your own home. The new normal is your elderly parents not being able to sleep at night unless they have a pistol next to their bed.Just yesterday, an 89 year-old woman’s home was invaded. They beat her up and ransacked her house. What we are doing is just not working. And, this new normal is unacceptable. Tomorrow night, I will announce my plan to reduce crime in our neighborhoods — citywide — by 50 percent. This is the first step in our Neighborhood Growth Strategy..

One Square Mile Crime Reduction Plan Announcement
Tuesday, September 10, 6 p.m.
Greater Emanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ
19190 Schaefer Hwy, Detroit
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